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Stoke for the Cure - Mission: PTSD

  • Coral Crater Adventure Park 91-1780 Midway Road Kapolei, HI 96707 USA (map)

Dispensaries are opening soon and all cannabis must be tested so that patients can shop based on the cannabinoid content of the Marijuana sold. How does a patient know which cannabinoids he or she needs?

Stoke for the Cure is a patient-based strain competition held annually to identify the correct cannabinoid ratio for each condition. Competition details below. The competition judging occurs in the weeks leading up to the event; the results are announced at 420pm at the event. The winner will have until 5pm to choose the next year's Stoke for the Cure condition, which is announced at 530pm, allowing the next year's hunt to begin!

The event is family friendly and will have vendors from cannabis, veteran and patient related industries including: seed vendors, rolling supply vendors, cannabis clinics, CBD product vendors, non-profit organizations and more! The venue, Coral Crater is an adventure park with "no hike" ziplines and the tallest climbing wall in the state - talk about getting high!

Contact the venue early to book your adventure during the event, tell them you heard about them from the HVCA!

Competition Details:

The competition assembles a group of volunteer judges, all with that year's condition, who are provided samples of entries; the judges then take surveys discussing the affect each sample has on their condition. The survey questions discuss not only the affect the sample has on the symptoms of the condition but also the side effects the judge notices and does so in an objective way to ensure that individual preferences do not change the results. An example of this would be the "munchies"; while some patients need to gain weight, others may not need or choose to do so. Each patient feels differently about the munchies as a result. The survey instead asks "How hungry did the sample make you?" and provides a scale for the answer. The samples and judges will be assigned codes and matched anonymously to ensure surveys are objective; judges are provided guidelines to follow so results are consistent and unbiased.

Entries are accepted up to 6 weeks prior to the event so that judging and results collection can take place prior to the results announcement. The event announces the best preforming strains and worst preforming strains for that year's condition and the winning submission chooses the next year's condition. 

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